Selecting the Right Search Coil for Your Outing

Search Coil

Selecting the right search coil for the particular search conditions is essential for your success. Fortunately, producers offer a wide range of coils to cover virtually all types of search. Here are some facts you have to consider choosing your search coil:

  • Small coils are better on small targets, but they are quite good on large targets too;
  • Large coils are good on large targets, but they are not so good on small targets;
  • Round coils have better target separation abilities than the elliptic coils with similar size;
  • Choose small coils for high working frequencies and large coils for lower working frequencies. For example, it’s not a good idea to choose a 12” coil to work at 30kHz. Of course, there are exceptions, but better follow the rule.
  • Elliptic coils have better ground coverage and this is their main advantage over round coils.
  • For very mineralized soils there are special search coils like the Fighter or the newly announced universal Fighter S coils by Golden Mask.
  • Larger coils are more difficult to ground balance and are less stable just because they have to deal with a larger spot of soil.