• Golden Mask 10x12" search coil

GM 10x12" by Golden Mask

The Golden Mask  10x12" search coil is an elliptic variant of the 12" coil. It has very good depth, but as other elliptic coils, the target separation is worse than of a same-sized round coil. The great benefit of an elliptic over a round design is the better ground coverage and better work on mineralized soils. The 10x12" coil is the best working Golden Mask coil on very mineralized coil (except the specialized 12" Fighter). But while the Fighter cannot work well on non-mineralized soils, the 10x12" handles extremely well all types of soils.

The Golden mask 10x12" elliptic coil can be used for almost everything: jewelry, beach, relics and hoards.

This coil is produced in both multi-frequency and single frequency (8 kHz) versions. The multi-frequency version is compatible with all new Golden Mask models. The 8 kHz version will fit the 8kHz Golden Mask 1, 2, 3 and 3+ models.

A FREE Coil Protector is included!

Working Frequency 8 or 8-18 kHz
Technology VLF
Size - diameter 10x12" | 25x30 cm
Weight 0.575 kg
Waterproof Yes
Warranty 2 years

Golden Mask 10x12" search coil

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