New PI machine announced by Golden Mask

Deep Hunter Mobile

Golden Mask just announced a new PI (Pulse Induction technology machine) in the shape of a classic VLF detector – the Deep Hunter Mobile.

The new metal detector is based on the electronics of the Deep Hunter Pro 5, but the electronics were completely redesigned to fit in the small control box of the Mobile. The electronics board is made with the latest micro SMD technology and multy-layer PCB. Thanks to this technology, the Deep Hunter Mobile is super-stable and consumes less energy.

Deep Hunter Mobile
Golden Mask Deep Hunter Mobile

The product was announced with the following data:

➼ The power of the Deep Hunter Pro 5 in a classic VLF shape.
➼ New high-stability and super deep electronics.
➼ Fully compatible with all Deep Hunter search coils from v. 3.
➼ 10 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, easily replaceable, Alkaline AA 1.5V compatible.
➼ Telescopic shaft, easy to transport.
➼ 38×58 cm high performance monoloop elliptic search coil.
➼ Lightweight and well balanced.
➼ Easy to set-up, start and go design, fully automatic.
➼ Reject function to elliminate small junk targets.
➼ 1.880 kg with the 38×58 cm coils and batteries.

The Deep Hunter Mobile will be available to order in February on the company website www.goldenmaskdetectors.com