New 9.5 inch Fighter search coil from Golden Mask

Golden Mask Fighter S 9.5 inch

Golden Mask announced a new search coil in the first days of 2021. This coil was demanded by the users of the bigger 13×11″ Fighter S, after they used it and made sure it’s a fantastic coil on every type of soil, but because of it’s size it’s not quite good separating close-laying targets on very heavily iron-infested sites as former settlements. The engineers at Golden Mask then started to work on the smaller sized Fighter and here it is.

The new 9.5″ Fighter S (SMART) search is designed to work flawlessly on all types of soil, including very mineralized ones. Despite being small, it has a very good depth and perfect discrimination. The first tests published on the Internet have shown this coil performs great at tasks other detectors fail, for example, on a coil under an ancient pottery brick.

The new Fighter S search coil will be available after January 20th 2021.

Golden Mask Fighter S 9.5" search coil