GM 1+ 18kHz by Golden Mask

The Golden Mask 1+ is a very simple, yet very powerful metal detector. It's lightning-fast recovery speed makes it very effective on iron infested sites, especially if a small-size search coil is used.

The 1+ has extremely simple controls, that make it very suitable for beginners. You don't have to struggle with the ground conditions anymore, the Golden Mask 1+ has a fixed ground balance and will work flawlessly on almost all soils, except some very mineralized ones or conductive grounds.

Despite being simple, this detector could reach very good depths and will beat other brands detectors that are much more expensive. That's why many users have already replaced their expensive detectors with a 1+ and enjoy their hobby without compromising performance.

The high working frequency allow for successful gold prospecting activities, but to get the tiniest gold nuggets, you will need a small coil, like the prospecting-dedicated 5" Spider from Golden Mask.

The Golden Mask 1+ is offered in two versions - mono-tone and dual-tone.

  • MT - The mono-tone (MT) version is the original 1+ design. It uses only one tone to indicate targets. A clear sound is emitted on non-ferrous targets, while ferrous targets are not indicated or the sound is not clear. This version is harder to get used with, but has a little bit more depth.
  • DT - The dual-tone (DT) version uses two tones for target identification - a high tone for the non-ferrous targets and a low tone for ferrous targets (iron). This version is great for beginners, but is preferred also by experienced users and even professionals.


    • Golden Mask 1+ with GM Smart charger and battery pack
    • Search coil (please chose one from the option menu)
    • All optional features you choose
    • Invoice and Warranty card
    • FREE Coil Protector for all search coils except 5" Spider and 12.5x15


    Working Frequency 18 kHz
    Technology VLF
    Ground Balance Fixed
    Controls Sensitivity, Discrimination level, Sound volume
    Battery 1000 mAh AA NiMH battery pack (included)
    Battery life Minimum 10 hours
    Weight 1.3 kg incl. batteries
    Warranty 5 Years for the detector electronics and 2 years for the search coil and the battery charger

    Golden Mask 1+ 18kHz

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