• Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro3 SE

DH Pro3 SE manual and auto ground

The Deep Hunter Pro3 SE is a new version of the powerful Pro3, with redesigned electronics and added manual ground balance with multi-turn knob for precise ground balancing and more depth. Now you could manually tune the detector to a very mineralized soil and gain additional depth of detection.

The Trash Reject function works only in AUTO mode and is very useful to eliminate small (junk) targets and indicate only large metal objects or to indicate all the targets within the search coil range. 

The Pro3 SE has a BOOST mode - a special signal amplifier that boosts the sensitivity and the depth of detection by up to 20%.

The Deep Hunter Pro3 SE, as all the models from the Deep Hunter range could use frame coils and round coils, all these with discrimination abilities. The machine could indicate the type of the metal with two lEDs - red for non-ferrous targets and green for ferrous targets.

The Deep Hunter series metal detectors are designed to find medium to large sized targets, say larger than 5 cm. Of course, they could get smaller targets, especially with small round coils, but the strength of these machines is on finding deeply buried large targets as relics, hoards and treasures. In the industry, the Deep Hunters could help on finding buried metal pipes or other deeply buried metal objects at depth of up to four meters (depending on target size!).

For comfortable search near power lines, the Pro3 SE has a special Power Line Noise Reduction (PLNR) technology implemented. It is offered in two versions:

  • EU - for countries with electric power frequency of 50Hz
  • US - for countries with electric power frequency of 60Hz


  • Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro3 with built-in battery pack
  • Carrying leather case with shoulder strap
  • Search coil(s) - choose from Options
  • GM Smart charger
  • Invoice and Warranty card


Working Frequency 675 Hz
Technology PI (Pulse Induction)
Ground Balance Manual and Fully Automatic (AGEB)
Controls Ground balance/Trash reject, Audio tone/Silent mode, Sensitivity, Sound Volume, Power Boost (20%), Battery Check, Retune button,
Battery 3700mAh NiMH rechargeable battery pack
Battery life 12 hours
Weight 2 kg with 125x125 cm frame coil
Warranty 2 years

Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro3 SE

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