Golden Mask 6 announced

Golden Mask 6

Golden Mask announced its newest model – the Golden Mask 6, around a month ago. Today, the company announced that they start to ship the new model next week. Some online stores, including the official Golden Mask dealer – GMD, have today marked the GM6 “In Stock”, but also added a mention that the actual shipments will start after January 08.

Here is a list of the main Golden Mask 6 features:

• High sensitivity and great depth of detection;
• High stability;
• Ease of use;
• Fast recovery speed (target separation) and depth of detection at the same time;
• Three working frequencies – 5, 15 and 30 kHz;
• Spectrum VDI + target ID for accurate target identification;
• Superb Iron discrimination;
• Rain-resistant control box;
• Collapsible, lightweight and comfortable telescopic carbon shaft;
• Wide range of multi-frequency coils. All MF coils you already have are fully compatible;
• Wireless headphones WS105 or WS106 (included in the package);
• 5 years warranty of the electronics board;

The GM6 is the first metal detector of the company to use a real 3-level menu system. Three working frequencies are available: 5, 15 and 30 kHz – 5 kHz for relics and large targets, 15 kHz for coin shooting, jewelry and general use, and 30 kHz for gold prospecting, tiny jewelry and tiny/thin coins. The In combination with the new Fighter S search coil, the Golden Mask 6 is a real all-rounder and will sell well at no doubt.