• Golden Mask 5+ SE

GM 5+ SE by Golden Mask

The Golden Mask 5+ SE Power Box is an improved version of the original 5+ model from the Bulgarian producer Golden Mask, with a large display and Spectrum VDI to easily identify the type of the indicated metal target.

This model is the successor of the original Golden Mask 5+ model, with added some very important hardware and software improvements:

  • The Golden Mask 5+ SE is made with new generation Etrim™ operational amplifiers with EMI/RFI filtered inputs. Thanks to the used Etrim™ chips, the SE signal-to-noise ratio is much better, and under good conditions, you can set the Threshold as high as the maximum preset: 30, gaining more depth and sensitivity.
  • 80% analogue technology that allows for great depth and fast recovery speed at the same time.
  • Added 10% depth in mode Power Box - High 
  • Improved work on mineralized soils in mode Power Box - Low
  • Added Iron Volume - You can control the volume of the sound from ferrous targets in Bi-Tonal mode (Volume 0-7).

The Golden Mask 5+ SE has lightning-fast recovery speed, so you'll never miss a target anymore. This machine has a real All Metal mode, that allows to achieve maximum depth of detection. With this mode the detector will indicate every metal target with a sound, and you could identify the metal type by the screen readings - VDI and Spectrum VDI.

The Golden Mask 5+ SE has a built-in wireless transmitter and is delivered with wireless headphones - WS105 or WS106.

The Golden Mask 5+ SE is equipped with the Golden Mask carbon-fiber telescopic shaft - very comfortable, lightweight and strong.

The 9" Spider search coil is the default for the 5+ SE, but you can choose another coil at your choice.


  • Golden Mask 5+ SE metal detector
  • GM Smart charger and battery pack
  • Wireless headphones
  • Search coil (please chose one from the option menu)
  • All optional features you choose
  • Invoice and Warranty card
  • FREE Coil Protector for all search coils except 5" Spider and 12.5x15"
  • FREE battery compartment cover


Working Frequency 8 and 18 kHz
Technology VLF
Ground Balance Manual and Auto
Controls All functions controlled via on screen menu in English
Battery 2500 mAh NiMH battery pack (included)
Battery life Min. 10 hours with Power Box set to High
Weight 1.3 kg with 9" Spider search coil
Warranty 5 years for the detector electronics and 2 years for the search coil

Golden Mask 5+ SE

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