• Golden Mask 5+ SE Platinum

GM 5+ SE Platinum by Golden Mask

The Golden Mask 5+ SE Platinum is an new version of the original 5+ SE model from the Bulgarian producer Golden Mask, oriented to people, who do coin shooting and gold nuggets prospecting and need to have only one machine for these two activities.

The Golden Mask 5+ SE Platinum is basically the same as the original 5+ SE, but with different working frequencies - the Platinum works at 15 and 30 kHz.

At 15 kHz this machine is a very effective coin shooter. The lightning-fats recovery speed, the great depth, the good discrimination and the secure target ID functions place this machine among the flagship coin detectors worldwide.

At 30 kHz the Platinum is very sensitive to low conducing metals as Gold and to very tiny targets as sub-gram jewelry pieces and tiny coins.


  • Golden Mask 5+ SE metal detector
  • GM Smart charger and battery pack
  • Wireless headphones
  • Search coil (please chose one from the options menu)
  • All optional features you choose
  • Invoice and Warranty card
  • FREE Coil Protector for all search coils except 5" Spider and 12.5x15"
  • FREE battery compartment cover


Working Frequency 15 and 30 kHz
Technology VLF
Ground Balance Manual and Auto
Controls All functions controlled via on screen menu in English
Battery 2500 mAh NiMH battery pack (included)
Battery life Min. 10 hours with Power Box set to High
Weight 1.3 kg with 9x10" search coil
Warranty 5 years for the detector electronics and 2 years for the search coil

Golden Mask 5+ SE Platinum

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